25 April - 6 May

ak19. Monday, May 9th, 2011.

Most of the last two weeks were spent on making the final changes to the work Dr Bainbridge had already done to get Greenstone to work again if you have moved the Greenstone installation. It is now the case that if you relocate your GS2 installation that running the Greenstone Server Interface (GSI) will get the server successfully running from its new location, on both Linux and Windows. Underneath, there are differences (because the apache web server for Linux and Mac has its current location fixed into many of its files, which then need to be adjusted upon relocation), but the different operating systems provide the same “reset-gsdlhome” target in gsicontrol.bat and .sh, which is what the GSI calls whenever this application’s launch script is run. The reset-gsdlhome target can also be called from the command-line. The changes that needed to be made for this had the nice side-effect that gsicontrol can be run from any directory.

At the end of last week, we started looking at the GS284 bugs that Diego found.

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