Sam’s Greenstone Blog 6/1/2012

sjm84. Friday, January 6th, 2012.

Happy new year to all Greenstone users! We’re back at work now after a couple of weeks off over the holiday period and already we’ve got a few new things lined up.

In Greenstone we try very hard to make the modification of the look and feel of collections as easy as possible.  Unfortunately this often requires knowledge of web standards like HTML, CSS and Javascript, and in the case of Greenstone 3 it is also helpful to have knowledge of XML and XSLT. We understand that many Greenstone users will have very little knowledge of these topics, so we are looking at incorporating a very simple way of changing the appearance of a Greenstone collection.

JQuery UI has a system called ThemeRoller that allows you to create your own visual theme via an easy to use web interface. You can then download the required files to use that theme in your own website. We are currently experimenting with making Greenstone 3 compatible with these themes (which are made up of a CSS file and some images). So far it is looking promising and will hopefully prove to be a welcome addition to Greenstone 3.

It has been a short week this week so there’s not a lot to report, but next week I shall be continuing on this development as well as (most likely) starting to write some up-to-date documentation for Greenstone 3, as we have made it our goal this summer to spend a large part of it working on Greenstone’s documentation.

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