Sam’s Greenstone Blog 13/1/2012

sjm84. Friday, January 13th, 2012.

My time this week has mostly been spent helping out one the masters students here in our lab. I have been helping her develop the ability to tag photos and text in the Greenstone 3 collection she is working on. This has resulted in us enhancing our Greenstone 3 (and also Greenstone 2) CGI capabilities at the same time to get this working correctly. This upgrade was needed so that we could save metadata to the index, archive and import directories easily from Javascript. Some of the functionality was already there but functionality like the ability to remove metadata from the import directory (for example) was missing.

One problem we had to get around was the fact that you cannot reliably specify the position of a piece of metadata that you want to change/delete in a metadata.xml file because of the way import metadata is handled in Greenstone. We decided that a good way to get around this is to have to specify the previous value of the piece of metadata that you want to change/delete. The only problem with this approach is if you have more than one identical piece of metadata, do we delete just one? or all of them? Most likely we will add an option to specify what to do in this situation.

Next week I will most likely be working on some authentication functionality for Greenstone3.

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