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Greestone est un logiciel à source libre et nous encourageons les développeurs de la communauté à y contribuer. Les nouveaux développeurs doivent s'inscrire et consulter le guide du développeur.

Nous exhortons les contributeurs à utiliser nos outils de développement en ligne. Ces outils comprennent la liste de discussion du développeurs, le trac source code browser, le trac bug database et la catégorie technique sur notre blogue.

Le code source de Greenstone est gardé sous une version de contrôle dans notre répertoire de version antérieure.

Latest commit

r33335 by ak19 @ 10.17 pm, 19th July
First java file for M?\196?\129ori language detection using openNLP with the LanguageDetectionModel. Instructions and reading links are within the README.txt. Though maybe I don't need to commit apache's openNLP binary zip and the LanguageDetectionModel.bin (actually a zip) file, I'm including that too. Near the end of the README.txt instructions, it covers the steps on how to compile and run the new Java file called At present, this rudimentary class takes a hardcoded 2 line sentence in M?\196?\129ori taken from our uni website as input and correctly choose mri (3 letter lang code for M?\196?\129ori) as the best predicted language it detected, at over 60%.

Nightly Builds and Regression Test Results

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Latest Reported Bug

#953: Get rid of Applets

Helpful Tools

YourKit is the creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications. We make use of it to improve the execution speed of Greenstone3. Take a look at YourKit's leading software products: Java profiler and .NET profiler.