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Greenstone è software Open Source e incoraggiamo gli sviluppatori della comunità a contribuire. Consulta la developer guide sul wiki.

Contributors are encouraged to use our online development tools. These include the developers' mailing list, the trac source code browser and the trac bug database.

The greenstone source code is kept under version control in our subversion repository.

Latest commit

r34510 by ak19 @ 5.52 pm, 22nd October
Dr Bainbridge didn't want a heuristic test on tilda for checking if a gsdlsourcefilename stored in doc.xml was a Win 8.3 Short filename or not. The idea was to set a flag on the perl end for if the gsdlsourcefilename stored was a shortfilename or not. Unfortunately, the perl code (DirectoryPlugin::read, variable subfile) was set to short filenames when doing a readdir, not by any algorithm. So it's always potentially a short file name on windows, except that only the presence of a tilda would indicate this. Whether we test for this in perl and set a flag or test for this in Java doesn't matter then. So have taken out the test for presence of tilda, though this means the java code will always try to work out a long filename of a gsdlsourcefilename on Windows.

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