Greenstone3 is a complete redesign and reimplementation of the original Greenstone digital library software (Greenstone2). When complete, it will retain all the advantages of Greenstone2 - for example, it will be multilingual, multiplatform, and highly configurable. It incorporates all the features of the existing system, and is backwards compatible: that is, it can build and run existing collections without modification. Written in Java, it is structured as a network of independent modules that communicate using XML: thus it runs in a distributed fashion and can be spread across different servers as necessary. This modular design increases the flexibility and extensibility of Greenstone.

Please note, Greenstone3 is our research version of Greenstone, and is still incomplete, and not stable. For a production digital library we recommend using Greenstone2.

You might like to try Greenstone3 if:

  • You want increased flexibility with the interface, and like using XSLT.
  • You have your own library front end, and want to talk to a Greenstone collection server using XML and SOAP.
  • You want a distributed library
  • You want to add exciting new features into a Greenstone library, and have difficulty understanding the Greenstone2 C++ source code
  • You like trying out new software
  • You are kind and generous and would like to help out by testing the new software (thanks!)


Latest Greenstone3 Distribution (3.06)

Release Notes

The main Greenstone3 download. Includes everything you need to create and host Greenstone3 collections. These are the binary releases for Greenstone 3.06 for Windows, Linux and Mac. If you discover any problems, then please send us a message at greenstone-users @ The release notes for Greenstone 3.06, containing installation and other usage instructions, are available at 3.06 Release Notes.

For Windows
Greenstone-3.06-windows.exe (191 MB)
For GNU/Linux
Greenstone-3.06-linux (203 MB)
For GNU/Linux
Greenstone-3.06-linux-x64 (207 MB)
For MacOS
Greenstone-3.06-MacOS-intel-Leopard.dmg (173 MB)
For MacOS
Greenstone-3.06-MacOS-intel-MountainLion.dmg (181 MB)

Latest Source Distribution (3.06)

Release Notes

The Source Distribution is a complete source distribution of Greenstone. The Sourcecode Top-up is used to add the source code to a binary distribution of Greenstone (above).

Source Distribution
(zip, 234MB) (tar.gz, 274MB)
Sourcecode Top-up
(zip, 38MB) (tar.gz, 37MB)

Or you can get Greenstone3 using Subversion(SVN). See below

Demonstration Sites

NZDL Mirror

The New Zealand Digital Library site served using Greenstone3. The interface is based around the 'classic' Greenstone3 look and feel. The collections available are the same collections used by the Greenstone2 server: new configuration files have been created for them, but they are otherwise unchanged.

Standard Greenstone3

This library uses the 'standard' Greenstone3 look and feel. It includes several demonstration collections, including Greenstone2 collections, Greenstone3 collections, and other non-standard demos.


The design of Greenstone3: An agent based dynamic digital library
Initial design document, Dec 2002.

Greenstone3: A modular digital library
User and developer manual. Work in progress. (Last updated Aug 2006)
The above two documents come as part of the install. Please read Chapter 1 of the manual for installation details, and Chapter 2 for collection building and interface customisation details. The remaining chapters are intended for the Greenstone developer.

Dynamic digital library construction and configuration
Bainbridge et al. (2004). Proc European Digital Library Conference ECDL2004, Bath, England.

A new framework for building digital library collections
Buchanan et al. (2004)


These releases are experimental. We would greatly appreciate hearing about any problems (or successes!) you have when using Greenstone3. To report bugs, problems and ask questions, please join the greenstone3 mailing list.


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  1. Read the README for installation notes.
  2. Installing from SVN:
    • You will need to have Apache Ant and a Subversion client installed to compile and install Greenstone3. Please read the README.txt file in the greenstone3 directory for more information.
    • Run:
      svn co greenstone3 
      cd greenstone3
      (edit as appropriate)
      ant prepare install
  3. Debian Sarge system: You need to have libgdbm-dev installed, and create a symlink from →

Demo-client application for Greenstone 3's QBR web services

A demo-client application in Java for the QBR (Query, Browse and Retrieve) web services of Greenstone 3. It can also provide similar access to a Fedora repository of Greenstone collections created by Greenstone's FLI application. The included docs/HowToFiles folder contains html files explaining how to install, execute and use the application.

  • Download the zipped demo-client distribution file from SourceForge
  • Get the demo-client from SVN:
    svn co democlient 
    cd democlient
    ant build-demo-client
    ./ (or gs3democlient.bat on Windows)