solr-jdbm-demo This is a demonstration collection for the Greenstone3 digital library software. It contains a small subset (11 books) of the Humanitarian and Development Libraries. It is similar to the Lucene demo collection, using JDBM for the database but uses SOLR instead for indexing. SOLR offers faceted browsing of search results. en Thu, 09 Feb 2017 11:05:57 NZDT Thu, 09 Feb 2017 11:06:48 NZDT unknown unknown Microlivestock - Little-Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future (b17mie) Little Known Asian Animals With a Promising Economic Future (b18ase) Managing Tropical Animal Resources - Crocodiles as a Resource for the Tropics (b20cre) The Water Buffalo: New Prospects For An Underutilized Animal (1984) (b21wae) Butterfly Farming in Papua New Guinea (b22bue) The Courier - N��158 - July - August 1996 Dossier Communication and the media - Country report Cape Verde (ec158e) The Courier - N��159 - Sept- Oct 1996 Dossier Investing in People Country Reports: Mali ; Western Samoa (ec159e) The Courier - N��160 - Nov - Dec 1996 - Dossier Habitat - Country reports: Fiji , Tonga (ec160e) Farming snails 1: Learning about snails; Building a pen; Food and shelter plants (fb33fe) Farming snails 2: Choosing snails; Care and harvesting; Further improvement (fb34fe) Development in practice: Toward Gender Equality (wb34te)