Congratulations, Veronica!

admin. Thursday, July 5th, 2007.

Veronica Liesaputra won the “Best Demo” prize at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in Vancouver, Canada (19-22 June 2007) for her work on realistic electronic books. To see some of the beautiful books that she has produced, visit To see them in a Greenstone collection, look here. (You switch can switch this facility on in the Preferences menu. To make the book option available, switch on HTMLPlug’s tidy_html option.)

2 Responses to “Congratulations, Veronica!”

  1. Allison Zhang Says:

    Hi, Ian,

    The sample books are wonderful!

    We just created a clickable flipping scrapbook in a Greenstone collection. It was created using Flash. The items within the scrapbook are clickable and zoomable.

    You can take a look at

    Select the third book on this page: James Carroll Scrapbook


  2. Harold Says:

    I received the Kindle 2 as a gift a few weeks ago and I find myself not wanting to put it down.

    Other reviews can extol upon the technology, the convenience of the dictionary, text to speak capability, etc. There are so many features that make this product great I don’t know where I would begin.

    The one thing that I cannot stress enough is the convenience of this device. Who wants to carry around a hard cover or even paperback novel everywhere?

    Whether I’m waiting for a friend to join me for dinner, on my lunch hour at work or at the doctor’s office, my Kindle 2 is at my side to provide my favorite books at a finger’s touch.

    You completely forget you’re holding an electronic device. The page display is so real its AMAZING. I ordered a great case for it which makes holding the Kindle 2 even more realistic – it feels like I’m holding a book… of course, a much lighter book! I highly recommend a good case. It’s a bit odd to hold “bare”.

    Also, invest in a good light. I have the Mighty Bright Light and it’s perfect. Clips onto the case and provides a high and low light option.

    The device itself is remarkable. Add the right accessories and it’s even better.