LOM Demonstration

This collection is a sample excerpt of educational resources from the University of Calgary's Learning Commons Educational Object Repository (no longer active). Taken from the subject areas of the arts and science, 38 items from the repository were exported in the IEEE LOM (Learning Object Metadata) format and digested into a Greenstone collection. For sample LOM metadata, see the records arts/657841.xml or record science/582041.xml.

Traditional educational learning object repositories base searching and browsing around the provided metadata. This demonstration collection goes one step further and provides full-text indexing of the on-line resources, where possible.

Browse around the collection's items ordered by subject then title, or view the items chronologically. Alternatively search the text or titles of the items in the collection, optionally restricted to arts or science. When you view an item from the collection various views of it are available. You start by viewing its Learning Object Metadata (LOM) record in a tabulated form and divided into sections: these sections can be expanded or contracted to reveal more or less information as desired. Use the tabs at the top of the table to change the view of the learning object. There will always be a tab for "XML Record" which displays the metadata in its original IEEE LOM format. Depending on whether or not the learning object references an on-line resource that is available for indexing, a third tab may be present that displays the source document.

How the collection works

The records were exported from the Calgary Repository in LOM format. LOMPlugin is used to process the records. Using the -download_srcdocs option to the plugin will search for general^identifier^entry or technical^location, and attempt to download the source document into a _gsdldown.all folder (import/arts/_gsdldown.all) in the same folder as the LOM record.

In porting the lomdemo-e collection from Greenstone 2 (GS2) to Greenstone 3, the predefined GS2 macros of _httpopenmdicon_ and httpclosemdicon_, used to show and hide sections of the tabular display of LOM metadata, needed to be defined in siteConfig.xml by inserting the following 2 lines into the file:

<replace macro="_httpopenmdicon_" scope="metadata" text="sites/localsite/collect/lomdemo-e/images/open.gif" data-img-path="sites/localsite/collect/lomdemo-e/images/" resolve="false"/> 
<replace macro="_httpclosemdicon_" scope="metadata" text="sites/localsite/collect/lomdemo-e/images/close.gif" data-img-path="sites/localsite/collect/lomdemo-e/images/" resolve="false"/> 

The open and close icon images themselves were then placed into the location indicated above: lomdemo-e/images/ subfolder. The JavaScript to show and hide associated sections of LOM metadata when the close and open icons are clicked is defined in lomdemo-e/script/lomscript.js, and the CSS styling rules for the tabular display of the LOM metadata is in lomdemo-e/style/lom-style.css.