Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 1, Number 1: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

p.1 Editorial introducing the principal purposes of the newspaper which are to effect sociable relations between Maori and Pakeha for each to understand the ways of the other, to publish the laws of the Queen, and the policies, proclamations and judgements of the Governor.
Contributions are requested for the maintenance of the paper.
pp.1-2 The murders at Motuārohia
Details Maketū's murder of Thomas Bull, Mrs Elizabeth Roberton, her daughter and son, and a half-caste girl, Isabella Brind, on 20 November 1841. Refers to the Governor issuing a letter dated 30 November 1841 in praise of Ngā Puhi leaders who captured Maketū and consented to his detention in Auckland.
pp.2-4 Letters to the Editor
From Te Karaka [George Clarke], Protector of Aborigines, Auckland
Disputes rumours about Ngā Puhi gathering to wage war on Pakeha because of the murders by Maketū.
From Ngā Puhi leaders, Paihia
Notice of disassociation from the murders by Maketū. Denies plans to wage war on Pakeha. Opposes any plans to return Maketū to Northland.
From Northern leaders, Paihia
Disassociate themselves from Maketū's actions and attitude; disapprove of murder by Maketū; prescribe living according to the Bible; urge Pakeha to act with caution.
From Tāmati Wāka Nene, Mangungu
On behalf of Pēwhairangi leaders: disowns actions of Maketū; does not consent to Maketū's return to Northland but to his detention and punishment in Auckland or Port Jackson.
Acknowledges that many letters have been forwarded to the Governor by Ngā Puhi leaders, Manu, Eruera Patuone, and Mohi Tāwhai.
From the Editor
Acknowledgement of correspondence received.
From Whakaae Nuipepa [Newspaper Assenter], Maketū
Supports the views of the newspaper.
From Te Kaititiro [Observer]
Extract from Pakeha newspaper that urges the adoption by Maori of Pakeha customs, condemns the actions of Ngā Puhi at Pēwhairangi, compliments Ngāti Pāoa and Waikato, and believes Ngā Puhi actions should not be reflected upon other groups.
From Te Tangata i Ora [Survivor]
Account of the sinking of Captain Haimona's [Capt. William Cornwallis Symonds] boat.