Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 1, Number 6: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

pp.23-25 Editorial that continues, from Vol. 1, No. 5:19, the account of the journey of Te Karaka [George Clarke Snr]. Concerns his meetings with Maori leaders regarding relations with Pakeha, the work of the Governor, the judicial system, immigrating settlers, land sales and trade negotiations, settlements without Christianity, modes of transport required to travel from one destination to the next, means of accommodation, concepts of European farming, and European dress. Continued in Vol. 1, No. 7:27.
p.25 Letters to the Editor
From Kaimātakitaki [Observer]
Criticism of the newspaper for not publishing the service by Hēmara and the Assembly of Church of England Missionaries at Ōrua, Manukau.
From [?], Pūtiki
Complaint about the opinions passed concerning the lack of help from Maori during the fire at the Colonial Secretary's Office.
p.26 Continuation from Vol. 1, No. 5:21. Concerns a Maori named Rāniera with his wife Mere and four children who are illustrated as having ideal living and working habits. The article is about dress standards and habits adopted by Maori in the misuse of attire. Continued in Vol. 1, No. 7:29.
Bishop Selwyn's visit.
From Meiha Pumapere, trespass notice against Maori pigs on his land. Charges to be laid against anyone found acquiring or shooting other people's livestock.