Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 1, Number 8: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

p.31 Editorial, a continuation from Vol. 1, No. 7:27, concerning the journey of Te Karaka [George Clarke Snr].
Discussion of Maori relations with Pakeha settlers and support from the leaders of each area for the Governor.
Description of Te Karaka's [George Clarke Snr] mode of transport around Northland.
pp.31-34 Letters to the Editor
From Pouaka
Response to accusations by Reihana concerning poultry theft.
From Ngāti Hine contributors
Response to accusations by Reihana concerning poultry theft.
Response and support for the writer from the Editor.
From [the Editor?]
Method for settling disputes to be handled by the judiciary, not `like dogs fighting'. The example used is the dispute over land by Ngāti Tamaterā, and another by Taraia [Ngakuti Te Tumuhuia] and Wanake.
From Hōri Takaore, Auckland
Addresses the accusations in newspapers that Maori have unkempt dress when they travel about townships. The writer postulates that the newspapers are attempting to prompt Maori to buy new clothes and that anyone who wears clothes such as those suggested has stolen them.
Response from the Editor.
From Hōri Takaore
Advises the pros and cons of accepting a horse in payment for land. Costs £2 to break in a horse, a tamed horse will sell for £2.
p.34 [Notices]
From Haratene, Auckland, advertising hardware for sale.
Proposal to build a Wesleyan Church in Auckland. Notice that £120 has been collected from Pakeha; Maori parishioners asked to contribute.