Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 2, Number 10: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

pp.39-40 Editorial discussion of the attributes of a leader and a gentleman, the means of acquiring the status of a leader and a gentleman, the behaviour of a leader and a gentleman, and the duties as an employer of labourers not vassals.
pp.40-42 Letters to the Editor
From Te Haeana [Octavius Hadfield], Pōneke [Wellington]
Discusses the conflict over land, the dilemmas faced by Maori, retaliatory reaction by Maori to Pakeha actions, the difference between Maori practices and Pakeha opinions, the disuse of the church, and the failed attempt to draw the settlers to the church. Reproaches the Editor for not making a newspaper available to the region to inform Maori of the many customs of the Pakeha.
Response from the Editor that this is the responsibility of the Colonial Administrator at Pōneke [Wellington].
From Wharetana, Pūtiki
Recounts the state of Maori society before the arrival of Captain James Cook, the reaction to Cook at Whangapara, the experience with Tūpaea at Raraamaroa, Hauraki, the reaction to iron and other products from Europe, and the superiority of European technology. Agrees with the Editor that Maori will only become civilised through the acquisition of European knowledge.
From Te Tatona, Aotea
Addressed to the people of Waikato requesting the location and return of Erueti, also known as Ngāmate, for detention.
Response from the Editor that Te Tatona's use of Maori is inaccurate.
p.42 [Notices]
Reward for the capture of escaped prisoners.
From Parāone [William Brown] and Kēmara [John Logan Campbell] of Auckland, requesting suppliers of flax fibre for remuneration.