Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 2, Number 12: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

p.47-48 Editorial discussion of Maori as children who retain habits held before maturing to adulthood, of the progress from traditional Maori customs to the Queen's law, and of piracy as an unacceptable law of the sea, with the example of Te Rarawa against Te Tīpene and Ngāti Pāoa against Te Taua.
Notice to the assembly of Waikato at Remuera not to adhere to traditional rituals at the meeting but rather to the practices of gentlemen, because Pakeha will be watching them.
pp.48-49 Letters to the Editor
From Kaititiro [Observer]
Complaint that Maori are not remaining in church until the service has been completed.
Response in agreement from the Editor.
From Kaiwhakarongo Kōrero [Listener]
Discusses a dispute over livestock at Waimate and the example it sets for Maori.
From Te Pakeha Noho Koraha [Open Country Pakeha Dweller].
Notification that some of his Pakeha dependants have run away, possibly to a Maori settlement, with a discussion of the prospect of negative repercussions for both parties.
Response in agreement from Editor and notice that the runaways have been located at Papakura.
pp.49-50 Pai Maori and Aru Pakeha [Good Maori and Zealous Pakeha]
Continuation of serial depiction, from Vol. 2, No. 11:44, of the benefits of European religion and knowledge. Explanation of the principles of the scriptures and Haiona [Mount Zion], and of the purpose of prayer; critique of the validity of Bible lessons to [Nopera] Panakareao and [Hōne] Heke; critique of the living habits of Maori as compared to the Christian Pakeha; discussion of the Seven Deadly Sins.