Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 2, Number 8: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

pp.31-32 Editorial about the status gained from possessing material goods, learning the English language, the benefits of schooling and education, and the benefits of European society and technology. Notice that schooling is available at Waimate, with a possible school to be built in Auckland; discussion of the responsibility to send children to school for education.
pp.32-34 Letters to the Editor
From Tumutumu, Auckland
Addressed to Te Pōtete [Thomas Spencer Forsaith], criticising the Editor's opinions that Maori should persevere at living in peace with Pakeha, and avoid confrontations, and that all disputes should be arbitrated by a judge. Questions the integrity, purpose and participation of Pakeha surveyors and settlers. Questions the authority of Judge Tāmihana [Thompson]. Endorses Wairaweke's judgement and authority to halt disputes between Maori and Pakeha. Endorses the actions of Te Rangihaeata.
From Kaimātakitaki [Observer]
Discussion of an assembly at Ōrua on 8 June 1843 for a prayer meeting, listing the participants with particular reference to Pāora Taui, Herui Pihapoto and Kaihau, and with a description of the day's proceedings and events. Notification of an assembly at Ōrākei on 26 June 1843 with Te Karaka [George Clarke Snr], Paiura, Nopera Parenga, and Te Ara.
p.34 [Notices]
Warning of death from apparel that caught fire, with the example of Mānihera.
Reward for the return of escaped prisoners.
From Parāone [William Brown] and Kēmara [John Logan Campbell] of Auckland, requesting overseers for their cattle.