Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 3, Number 10: pp Abstract
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pp.51-53 Editorial discussion of the uprising by Hōne Heke at Kororāreka [Russell], the military forces on standby at Pouhakena [Poihākena, Sydney] for five weeks, and the visit of the Governor aboard the Victoria to Kororāreka to meet with Maori leaders. Description of the military protocol for the Governor to go ashore.
Report of replies of support for the Governor's address from Manu, Tāreha, Moka, Hōri Kīngi and Tamate Wāka [Tāmati Wāka Nene] with consideration of compensation to the Governor.
Description of the dispersal of the assembly to Te Aute, Kaikohe and other places to report about the meeting with the Governor; discussion of the anchorage for the ships at Pōraenui while the Governor travelled to Waimate; discussion of the request from Maori to send the ships and the soldiers back to Kororāreka.
Report of the Governor's journey to Ōtūihu to meet with and receive support from Pōmare, Te Wāka and others. Report of the meeting between Ngā Puhi leaders and the Governor at Waimate with attendance by Tāreha, Waikato, Ruhe, Tāmati Wāka, Patuone, Manu and others, to discuss the actions of Hōne Heke with explanations concerning the meaning of and respect for the flag.
Reports on the compensation of ten guns and hatchets for the Governor, support from Te Wiremu Parata for the Governor, Maori leaders, missionaries and the Bishop, the address to Hōne Heke concerning the relationship between the Crown and Maori, conditions and reasons for land sales with and by the Governor, and on the agreement from the Maori leaders at the Waitangi assembly [5-6 February 1840].
Discussion of the intention that the flag of England be the flag for all the people of New Zealand to unify them.
p.53 [Notices]
Prescription for the confinement of livestock and the consequences of livestock damage to cultivations.
Invitation from the Wesleyan Church of Auckland to Maori to learn arithmetic, and English.