Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 3, Number 4: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

p.17 Editorial
Discusses the pre-emptive right of the Crown to buy land; answers the dispute regarding the adequacy of the compensation paid by the Crown for land; discusses the use of Crown money to build a hospital, to educate Maori, as capital for housing and administrative and roading costs.
pp.18-20 Official proclamation
From Rōpata Pitiroi [Robert Fitzroy], announcing the procedure required to inform the Crown of available land for purchase and advising that Crown jurisdiction prevails over all such dealings.
Advises the procedure regarding fortified settlements and burial sites.
Discusses the status of Ngāti Pāoa land transactions with the Crown and the judgements regarding previous transactions.
Advises that approval is required from a tribal group's residential committee before any land can be sold. Gives the details regulating the distribution of compensation for land transactions and surveyors' costs, and states that notification of possible sales is to be published in the newspapers.
Proclaims the regulations regarding road access to land and the judgement regarding neglect of this proclamation. Posted by Anarū Hikara [Andrew Sinclair].
p.20 The deeds of sorcery of the ancestors of England
Continuation from Vol. 3, No. 3:13-14. Describes the superstitious beliefs held by the ancestors of the English before the advent of Christianity, with an explanation that the Word of God brought knowledge and enlightenment and that the practices of the `wizards' were trickery.