Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 3, Number 8: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

pp.37-39 Editorial debating the criticism from some Maori about the accuracy of reporting and the principles extolled by the newspaper.
Criticises the Maori expectation of monetary yields, the Maori inability to comprehend financial returns and deficit repayments, the detached attitude of Maori to commercialism. Entreats unity of opinion for the progress of the country although Maori and Pakeha exploit different modes of enterprise. Explains that livestock may be exploited for the manufacture of clothing as well as food. Rationalises that the purpose of the newspaper is to extol the virtues of Pakeha farming and Christian lifestyles.
Reprints an article, from an unnamed newspaper, describing the process of sowing wheat and explaining the order of the operation from the month of May.
p.39 Letters to the Editor
From Rangatiratanga [Gentry], Auckland
Criticises the prescriptions in the newspaper for attaining the qualities of a gentleman, of fine breeding and gentility. Describes the vices of some to illustrate what these qualities are not.
p.40 Letter from Doctor Fitzgerald (Doctor of the Maori People of Wellington)
Discusses the state of Maori health, and advises prayer; discourages allowing pregnant women to carry heavy loads; advises obtaining warm clothing for the newborn; discusses the appropriate methods for disposal of the afterbirth; advises the appropriate foods to feed the mother and the consequences to the newborn; criticises the inappropriate use and hygiene of blankets; advises the proper use of Pakeha clothes.
Reward for return of Hōne Rari, Ehau Erahau, Hōne Kiteri, deserted soldiers.
Invitation from the Wesleyan Church of Auckland to Maori to learn arithmetic.