Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 4, Number 7: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

pp.25-26 Editorial objection to publishing material that is not conducive to the purpose of the newspaper.
Review of the militia's conflict with [Hōne] Heke and Kawiti; description of the events at Ōhaeawai, the discovery of goods plundered from Kororāreka [Russell] in the fort, and the desertion of the fort; discussion of the speculation about Kawiti losing a leg in battle, and the circumstances of [Hōne] Heke; boast about the numbers, strength, and ability of British fighting forces; denial that the British militia want to attack Maori rather than be protective, and of land confiscations.
Promotes unity between Maori and Pakeha; claims that even more Maori do not agree with the opinions and actions of Heke and Kawiti, and that Heke and Kawiti have disappeared into the bush.
pp.26-28 A supplement about the British flag
A reply, in answer to [Hōne] Heke's claim that the British flag is a `land-grabbing flag', that because Maori lived in ignorance and without law, and did not reside under a flag, British officials found it necessary to install a symbol of authority. Validation of actions quoted from the teachings of Moses. Illustration of the acquisition of a flag in British history from practices learnt from Huriha Hiha [Julius Caesar] and Rome; explanation that union between the two societies came from intermarriage but that when the Emperor of Rome recalled his subjects and their flag the people of England were left without authority, and that the invasion of England from other groups incited a plea to Rome to return for protection. Explanation that the invasion of the Saxons and the history leading up to the time of William I [the Conqueror], have similarities to events experienced by Maori.
Explanation that the lack of regard for a Maori flag by other nations brought about the proffer of the British flag by Queen Victoria and Captain William Hobson because of recognition for the latter flag throughout the world. Assertion that the British flag gives Maori recognition and status, and that anyone who cites the British flag as a `land-grabbing flag' is ignorant; offers conjecture that [Hōne] Heke's action is to reproduce the renown of Hongi Hika for himself.
p.28 [Notices]
£10 payment for supple timber.
£5 payment for sponges.
From Maihi and Pōkai that Poreki from Ngāti Wai has sold Tawhitirahi, Morotiri and Pokohinu to them.