Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 4, Number 8: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

pp.29-30 Editorial debates the integrity of the Governor's purpose towards Maori and the land. Review of Pakeha purposes and practices as an appropriate example for Maori to follow; states that if Pakeha wanted to diminish Maori status and authority Pakeha would have taken all of the land.
Emphasises the Queen's instructions to both past and present governors regarding the protection of Maori, the education of Maori in civilised practices, and the eradication of murder, warfare, cannibalism, and other Maori customs.
States that the threat of continual warfare and resistance will generate the assignment of many English soldiers, frigates, steamers and other vehicles of war.
pp.30-31 The arrival in England of the Gospel
Description of the people of England before Christianity, comparison made with the customs and polytheism of Maori; explanation that Christianity was proffered because Kerekore [Pope Gregory] desired to educate the English. Describes this commission to England as from Pope Akatini [Augustine], with the report that King Heterepata believed the first service to be wizardry but in time he was convinced to allow the ministers to stay at Kanatepere [Canterbury]. Explanation about the proposition by Matini Ruta [Martin Luther] that the people of England abandon the rulings of the Pope and obey the teachings of the Scriptures.
p.31 To the Maori leaders
Recommendation, using a traditional Maori metaphor, that the old growth be burnt off so that new cultivations and growth will prosper.
pp.31-32 A conversation between Whetū and Kapua [Star and Cloud]
Star and Cloud's beliefs about the Moon: Star states that the moon is a guiding light for ships' navigators on dark, gloomy nights, while Cloud tells the Maori tradition about Rona and the moon, which is postulated as primitive ignorance by Star who explains that the dark spots on the moon are mountains, valleys and rivers.
p.32 A lament
Waiata [song] about the effects of Hōne Heke's warfare.
August planting schedule
Programme to plant potatoes, gourds, melons.
£10 payment for supple timber.
£5 payment for sponges.
From Maihi and Pōkai that Poreki from Ngāti Wai has sold Tawhitirahi, Morotiri and Pokohinu to them.