Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 4, Number 9: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

p.33 Editorial notice that peace has not been restored to the North, and of the installation of the British militia at Waimate; indicates that [Hōne] Heke might call for peace; discusses the correspondence sent by [Hōne] Heke to Governor Fitzroy.
pp.33-34 A meeting
Discussion of a congregation of 625 people that was convened on 22 July 1845 by [Wiremu] Hikairo and Ngāti Rangiwewehi at Puhirua near Rotorua to attend a church meeting; advises living according to the Scriptures and the law; states that the leaders of tribal groups should divulge suspects of crime for prosecution by the judiciary.
p.34 Amidst life, we die
Description of a Wesleyan Church meeting in Auckland; notification to the congregation of the death of Kewitoni [Skevington], a missionary from Te Waimate, Taranaki.
To the Maori leaders
Reproach concerning the death of Kewitoni [from the previous article], the consequences for his family, and opinion of the cause of his death.
pp.34-35 Letters to the Editor
From A Pai Maori [A Good Maori], Auckland
Requests response to his criticism of the war in the North and gives his perceptions of how Maori behave.
Response in agreement from the Editor.
pp.35-36 A vision
Depiction of a dream or vision in which the writer journeys through a forest, crosses a waterway, finds a bag belonging to Tokerau who escorts the writer to Hongi at Mangamuka; describes the meeting with Hongi, Tītore, Manu, Pūmuka, Taurau.
Report from Pōmare of the fortified settlement at Ōtūihu, of Pī of Te Māhurehure from Waimā, of the death of Tetore, and of the visit of Ruku, a relative of Kawiti.
Report of the discussion about the progress of the Northern War from Kororāreka [Russell] to Ōmāpere; description of the tactics adopted by [Hōne] Heke and Kawiti against the militia; disagreement from Tītore about participation; solicitation from Pūmuka to expel Pakeha from the country; discussion about the certainty felt by Hongi that from his observations and experiences in England, Maori will be overpowered by Pakeha battle strategies.
p.36 Waiata [song] describing the atmosphere generated by the Northern War.