Te Karere O Nui Tireni 1842-1846: Volume 5, Number 1: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

p.1 Editorial notification that no issue of the newspaper was published for December 1845 because the administrators were involved in many perplexing events, and that this issue is dedicated to informing Maori readers of the conflict in the North and the proclamations from the new Governor [George Grey].
Description of Grey's journey to Ruapekapeka; discussion of the issue of correspondence to Kawiti for peace, and access to the waterways to allow shipping of trade goods to Maori.
Notice of proclamation from Governor Grey.
pp.1-2 Attention
Notification of the decree to open waterway access from Whangarei to Mangōnui, to be administered from 1 February 1846, by order of Governor Grey; notified by Andrew Sinclair, Colonial Secretary.
Notification of the scattering of insubordinate leaders by the militia and the conquest of Ruapekapeka fort by Te Wāka Nene and other leaders; notification of the capture and sentencing of horse thieves.
Notification of the discovery of correspondence sent to the agitators at Ruapekapeka fort in support of their actions. Acknowledgement that since many of the authors have become loyal to the Governor the correspondence will be burnt.
Notification to the family of Kihi who was taken prisoner at Ruapekapeka fort that he received treatment from the doctor, was healed and returned by the Governor to his relatives.
p.3 Notice from Thomas Beckham; reward for the return of Tenehi O Tanara (Denis O'Donnell) for desertion, possibly stowed away on Rapina Huri's (Robin Wood) ship to Tauranga.