Te Haeata 1859-1862: Volume 1, Number 4: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
pp.1-2 Is the Maori population diminishing?
Answers the question of the diminution of the Maori population and suggests causes which implicate Maori as the authors of their own destruction, such as battles of the past, ill-treatment of children, prostitution, intermarriage, poor diet, housing and clothing, and dirtiness. God's wrath proposed as the ultimate cause of a decrease in the Maori population.
Includes a waiata [song] and three whakataukī [proverbs].
pp.2-3 The battle at Taranaki
Letter from Kipa Ngāmoke, Waiwhakaiho, Ngāmotu [Taranaki]
Reports a meeting of Wiremu Kingi's council at Te Raeiomiti [Raeomiti?] held in the new meeting-house, Huiterangiora. Describes aims as to hold a ceremony for the deceased Hone Ropiha Te Keukeu, and to facilitate peace between local Maori.
Notes that Te Atiawa and tribal groups from Ngāmotu and Puketapu were present, and records figurative speeches of several participants, some showing a Christian influence and desire for peaceful unity.
Message to those involved in the meeting supporting their aims and urging them to have strong Christian beliefs.
Includes a waiata [song] with Christian concepts and a whakataukī [saying].
Comment from the Editor supporting the council's efforts and referring to peace.
pp.3-4 The Church after Christ
Discusses historical details of Jerusalem.
Chapter 2
Kings of Rome after Caesar
List of rulers of Rome from 1 A.D. to 117 A.D.
Discusses the activities of the apostles after Jesus' death.
The death of Te Rore
Obituary for Rev. Walter Lawry [WMMS missionary]. Describes his Christian faith and long years of missionary service in Australia, Tonga, Fiji and New Zealand.
To the Monitors of my area
Letter from Te Mānihera [CMS missionary, Robert Maunsell], Kōhanga
Outlines the way in which Te Haeata will be distributed and subscriptions collected. Lists names of those who are to receive the newspaper.