Te Haeata 1859-1862: Volume 1, Number 6: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
War in Europe
Reports the outbreak of war in Europe over control of Sardinia, between France and Austria. Losses in battle by France given, and speculation over England's involvement.
Suggests prayer to end bloodshed throughout the world.
pp.1-2 Practices which ennoble children
Discusses childhood obedience. Urges Maori parents to teach children obedience from infancy, using moderate physical punishment if necessary. States that failure to do so condemns children to hell.
Includes scriptural quotations.
The power of prayer
Encourages prayerfulness using examples of answered prayer from the Bible. Recommends spontaneous rather than ritualised prayer.
p.3 Letter from a monitor in Tongatapu to his minister who had returned to London
From Hāmiora Ura
Reports the deaths of his three daughters and terrible storms.
Outlines the state of missionary work in his region.
Expresses happiness with some books received and a new canoe.
The glistening dawn
From Hetaraka Warihi [Wesleyan Maori minister]
Questions readers' understanding of the messages in Te Haeata. Urges people, using much figurative language, to follow Christian teaching given in Te Haeata and in churches.
pp.3-4 From Noho Tahi [Dwell-Together]
Suggests Maori change the way they live lest they die out.
Criticises the wearing of blankets and Maori houses. Suggests lack of separate rooms leads to promiscuity.
A large reptile
News of a large alligator which attacked a ship's captain in India. Describes the alligator and contents of its stomach after it was killed. Gives thanks to God that no such reptiles exist in New Zealand.
Advertisement for Kipihona and Warihi [Gibson and Wallace?] of Parnell, who build machinery and mills, and survey waterways.
One pound reward
Wiremu Waiti of Papakura offers a reward for the return of his missing horse, warns of prosecution for offender if stolen.
A death
Te Mōkena [CMS missionary John Morgan?] reports the death of Roka who died during childbirth leaving six surviving children.
Obituary for Rīria Kipa, mother of six children.