Te Haeata 1859-1862: Volume 1, Number 9: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and circulation details.
For people writing to Te Haeata
Advertises the deadline for contributions to the paper for efficient production and mailing.
Message to the churches of Te Ākau and Waikato
From Te Mānihera [CMS missionary, Robert Maunsell]
Announces the collection of money by travelling monitors during December and January.
Includes a whakataukī [proverb] and scriptural quotations.
pp.1-2 Good news from [foreign] lands
Reports peoples' experiences of the Holy Spirit in other countries. Mentions America, Fiji, Tonga. Urges repentance before God so that the same thing might happen in New Zealand.
Includes scriptural quotations, Ezekiel 37.
The committee of ministers of the Wesleyan Church
Reports an end-of-year committee meeting held by Wesleyan ministers in Auckland.
Includes names of committee members. Lists attendance figures for Maori churches from Hokianga to Ngāmotu, amounts of money collected, and names of those appointed to work in different areas.
Comments that some have fallen by the wayside.
pp.3-4 The man who overcame his neighbours: a true story
First part of a story about Himeona Kirini [Simeon Green] and his neighbours, Rupena Paraki [Reuben Black] and Hōhepa Mete [Joseph Smith], illustrating the benefits of Christian living.
Includes a scriptural quotation.
The Church after Christ
Discusses Christian Church history, including persecution, martyrdom and an epidemic.
Chapter 4
Some practices of the early Church
Concerns the development of certain Church practices, including those of the Church of Rome perceived to be wrong.
Practices for their ministers
Concerns the Apostles, Bishops and false teachers.
Includes scriptural references.