Te Haeata 1859-1862: Volume 3, Number 12: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
The assembly of Wesleyan Church ministers for the year 1862
Reports the arrival of news about the Church's [annual Australasian] conference held in Adelaide [Australia].
Lists clerical placements within New Zealand for the coming year.
pp.1-2 The work of the Spirit in Jamaica
Reports news of the work of the Holy Spirit in Jamaica. Cites descriptions from ministers there of people's experiences of the Spirit. Urges Maori believers to pray that similar events will happen in New Zealand.
Go, chase and catch the wicked person
Continues discussion from A word of caution Vol. 3, No. 11:2-3, personifying alcohol as Waipiro, an unwelcome visitor. Finds fault with Maori and Pakeha who disregard the Governor's law on the sale of alcohol. Recommends the [Maori] council system used by Waikato people as a way of dealing with this person.
Includes a whakataukī [proverb] and scriptural quotations.
pp.2-3 The Church of Mary
Discusses the Church of Rome's claim to be the Church of Mary . Argues that the Church's regard for the Virgin Mary is erroneous and that it tampers with the Scriptures to enhance Mary's position. Warns of the consequences of this practice with a scriptural quotation, Revelation 22:18, 19.
A dream
Discusses the dream of a Roman Catholic priest which honours Mary and belittles Christ. Warns readers to seek the true path of faith.
The first love has been forsaken
Observes that Maori have lost their first love for the printed Word of God and urges a return to buying and reading books.
pp.3-4 Who is the governor of the whole world?
Argues that the Lord, rather than indigenous gods, governs the whole world.
Includes scriptural quotations.
Why are God's words written down?
Explains why God's words have been written down. Argues that the Church of Rome withholds the Scriptures from its people, in case they discover the Church is at variance with them.
Remedy for coughs and suchlike
From Mr A. Asher, Auckland
Advertises cough lozenges and other remedies.
Worm remedy
From Mr A. Asher, Auckland
Advertises remedy for internal worms.
pp.5-6 To the Maori chiefs and all the Maori tribes of this land
From James Mackay [Assistant Native Secretary], Golden Bay
Concerns a rumour said to have been circulating amongst Maori that European settlers and the Governor intend to kill Maori people to avenge the deaths of Pakeha in the Taranaki War [English translation included]. Emphasises the authority of the Queen and the power of her laws.