Aotearoa - Maori Recorder 1861-1862: Volume 1, Number 2: pp Abstract
pp Intro to Abstracts

[Articles in English from pp.1-16, followed by articles in Maori from pp.17 - 32. Few of the English and Maori versions are translations of each other.]
[p.1] Editorial summary of political relationships between Maori and Pakeha concerning native affairs.
p.2 Te Teira and Waitara
Acknowledgement that Teira did not have the right to sell the Waitara block.
Speech of the late Pōtatau Te Wherowhero at Waiuku
Acknowledgement of the principles of Christianity, love and law.
p.3 The chief Te Wētini Taiporutu
Obituary for Te Wētini Taiporutu.
A Maori sermon by Mātaia
From Acts 3.
p.4 A fragment of a Maori lament
Extract from Sir George Grey's Ko nga moteatea, me nga hakirara o nga Maori, with annotations.
p.5 The ox man
Story from the Hokianga about Maori and Pakeha trade relations.
p.6 The lust for gold
Criticism of the state of gold fever and the search for riches.
p.7 The patriarch Job
Outlines the virtue of Job.
p.8 Peace
Summary of the benefits of peace.
Is lengthy prayer profitable?
Advice that the two-minute prayer is most beneficial.
p.9 Special services for 1862
Notice about a proposed world-wide church service.
`Let every soul be subject to the higher powers', by Lord Nugent
Sermon debating the right to retribution.
p.10 Correspondence
From X
Assertion against the building of roads in Native Districts.
From H.E.I.C., Auckland
Plea for the establishment of an orphanage in Auckland.
p.11 From The Waitematā, Auckland
Plea for the establishment of public baths in Auckland.
p.12 The total abstinence society
Notice of meetings for teetotalism.
Another victim to crinoline
Criticism of fashion fads.
Criticism of the suspected addiction to smoking tobacco.
p.13 The rifle movement ignored
Report from the anti-war league against the establishment of rifle corps.
The Band of Hope
Notice of meetings and activities of the society.
p.14 The tonic `sol fa' system
Notice of classes.
The Mechanic's Institute
Notice about the facilities.
Young Men's Christian Association
Notice of the facilities.
True and false independence
Story about the wise use of money.
p.15 Items of intelligence
Short extracts of political and religious news from around the country and local news from Auckland.
p.16 Original poetry
Titled `They wake'.
[p.17] Editorial summary of political relationships [as above, No.2:1].
p.18 Governor Grey
Short report of Grey's importance.
Te Pōkiha
Acknowledgement of the work of Major Te Pōkiha [Fox] Taranui.
Governor Browne
Notice of the departure of Governor Gore-Browne.
Speech of the late Pōtatau Te Wherowhero at Waiuku
Acknowledgement of the principles of Christianity, love and law [as above, No.2:2].
From Mohi Te Ahiatengu, Pūkaki
Notice of the death of the writer's father, Ēpiha Pūtara of Ākitai, descendant of Āpihai Awarua Te Kawau. Reports that a Pakeha threw a stone at Pūtara's horse causing it to bolt, crash the cart and cause his death. Concludes, metaphorically, that while he has suffered two losses, his father and his land, the law will take care of the transgression, and that although he has a black face his heart is of greenstone.
p.20 The death of Pāora Te Putu
Obituary for Te Putu of Ngāti Tamaterā, at Kōpūtauaki, Hauraki. Quotes conversations with Mātaia and several biblical references to illustrate Te Putu's adherence to the principles of the Bible.
p.22 Cultivating the land
Calendar for the planting.
To Maori friends
Metaphorical address from Hāre Rēweti, Auckland, regarding adherence to the [Christian] Faith.
p.23 Raising sheep
Short report regarding the costs and benefits of sheep farming.
The sacred grounds of Jerusalem
Figures for places of worship and adherents.
Advice regarding the detrimental effects of alcohol. Concludes with Proverbs 20:1.
p.24 Figures
Illustrations and tables of numbers, weights, measurements and time.
p.25 The pipe, the tobacco
Criticism of the suspected addiction to smoking tobacco [as above, No.2:12].
The death of Te Karamu Kahukoti Ngauranga
Claims that the cause of Te Kahukoti's drowning was alcohol and that readers should learn from this event.
Concludes with Te Kahukoti's waiata [lament], performed at the ceremony for Pāora Te Putu's death.
[p.26] From Matene Ruta, Ngāruawāhia, Waikato
Urging the people of Ngāti Pāoa to abstain from alcohol consumption.
p.27 The Pentecost
Summary of the origin of Pentecost with a concluding quote from Mark 3:10.
Land rates
Short suggestion about land rates concluding with a whakataukī [proverb].
Raising cattle
Short report regarding the efficiency of Maori at cattle raising.
Notice of current events and meetings in the Waikato region.
p.28 Tūranga
Notice of efforts by Hirini Te Kani to prohibit alcohol in the district.
Ngā Puhi
Criticism of alcohol abuse in the Ngā Puhi region.
The names of some of the introduced species of trees growing in this land
List of introduced species of fruit trees.
Geography, aspects about the world we live in
Geographical data about the earth's characteristics.
p.29 Faith and fighting
Discusses the differences between belief in God and war. Includes scriptural quotes.
p.30 Leaven bread
Recipe for preparing the ingredients for potato yeast.
Kneaded bread
Instructions for making and kneading yeast bread.
Short narrative about the ancestor Tapuika at Maketū. Includes whakapapa [genealogy].
p.31 Waitara
Acknowledgement that Teira did not have the right to sell the Waitara block [as above, No.2:2].
p.32 Hymns
Translation into Maori of two hymns, with notes about the metre and tune of each.
The end