Latest Distribution (2.86)

Release Notes

Note: If you are unable to download the binary or package of your choice from SourceForge, drop us an email at the Greenstone mailing list with the requested version and we'll upload it for you at a more convenient location.

The main Greenstone download, suitable for most users. Includes everything you need to create and host Greenstone collections.

For Windows
Greenstone-2.86-windows.exe (73.2MB)
For GNU/Linux
Greenstone-2.86-linux-x64 (64 bit) (76.0MB)
For GNU/Linux
Greenstone-2.86-linux (32 bit) (85.4MB)
For MacOS
Greenstone-2.86-MacOS-intel-Lions.dmg (55.0MB)
For MacOS
Greenstone-2.86-MacOS-intel-Leopards.dmg (45.8MB)

Latest Source Distribution (2.86)

Release Notes

The Source Distribution is a complete source distribution of Greenstone. The Sourcecode Top-up is used to add the source code to a binary distribution of Greenstone (above).

Source Distribution
(zip, 80.6MB) (tar.gz, 77.3MB)
Sourcecode Top-up
(zip, 45.6MB) (tar.gz, 43.9MB)

Nightly Release Snapshots

Every night, Greenstone snapshot releases are automatically generated for Windows, Linux, and Mac. They are made available at our snapshots page.

GLI Client

The GLI Client for Greenstone versions 2.85 and 2.84 is included in the Greenstone installer. To use it, you would install Greenstone itself.
For those using the older Greenstone 2.83 release, you can download a separate package containing just the GLI client. This is a stand-alone GLI program that enables you to build collections on a remote server, without having Greenstone installed locally.

GLI Client
(zip) (tar.gz)


Greenstone3 is a complete reimplementation of Greenstone, which does everything Greenstone2 does plus more. It is available for download at the Greenstone3 Homepage page.

Older Distributions

Please see the older distributions wiki page.

The following packages should help you learn more about Greenstone, and teach it to others.

Documented Examples

Greenstone collections whose "about" page describes how they are constructed; see here for details.

Documented Examples
(zip, 118MB) (tar.gz, 71MB)

Tutorial Exercises

Tutorial exercises to teach you about many aspects of Greenstone, see here for details.

Teaching Material

Packages of material prepared for one-day, three-day and four-day Greenstone workshops; see here for details.

Three-day Workshop (54MB)
Four-day Workshop (66MB)