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Latest commit

r31547 by ak19 @ 10.38 pm, 29th March
1. Drastic changes to javascript-global-functions.js, specifically the functions that invoke callMetadataServer() and the code internal to callMetadataServer(). In the past, the AJAX calls to were performed with URLs and jQuery .ajax() calls, thus ending up as GET. This was corrected in a recent commit using gsajaxapi.js, to use POST, but still using URLs and not using jQuery. The callMetadataServer() function has been altered to now allow GET and POST as request method, to allow use of jQuery .ajax() and gsajaxapi.js to make the AJAX call, and to allow sending the data to be transmitted over AJAX (payload) as either URL or as a JavaScript object (data structure). Tested get-meta-array and set-meta-array calls via testing GS3 user comments, but have not tested the singleton set-meta and get-meta and remove-meta functions that are equally affected by the major code alterations. Those need to still be tested with GS3's online document editing. But even that may not exercise all the JavaScript metadataserver related functions in javascript-global-functions.js, if only a select set are ever called by the Document Editor. 2. The user_comments.js file has been modified to accept either the XMLHttpRequest object returned by gsajaxapi.js AJAX calls or the string objects returned by jQuery's .ajax() calls.

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Time: 2009-12-08, Passed: yes, View Report

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#914: solr port issues