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Greenstone3.02 released!

admin. Monday, February 19th, 2007.

See the Greenstone3 home page. Greenstone2 will continue to be supported for a long time yet (years), but ultimately we see Greenstone3 replacing it. This is a beta release: it contains (virtually) all the features needed for Greenstone2 compatibility, and has been extensively tested. We have added a new section to the Wiki on Greenstone3, and in particular a new page entitled Greenstone3 for Greenstone2 users about how to set it up and migrate your collections (with a list of possible problem areas). Greenstone2 is certainly not yet in the past, but Greenstone3 is definitely the future!

New documentation

admin. Sunday, February 18th, 2007.

New documentation is available at the documentation section of the Greenstone support for South Asia website. Three new documents have been added entitled Greenstone: A Beginner’s Guide, WINISIS to Greenstone: A Guide and Creating Digital Archives with Winisis.