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Greenstone-Koha Integrated LIVE CD v0.6

admin. Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010.

HealthNet Nepal in Kathmandu has released a pilot version of the Greenstone-Koha Integrated LIVE CD on 15th October, 2010, in the framework of the Digital Library Network South Asia (DLNET-SA). The LIVE CD enables anyone with a PC to test and learn about Greenstone, the Koha integrated library system package and the application integrating these packages. Thanks are due to DLConsulting for their help in developing in the integration application and to Dr. ARD Prasad at DRTC in Bangalore for assistance in developing the LIVE CD. DLNET-SA hopes that this effort can go further and get better and better.

In this LIVE CD, there is Ubuntu with minimal a GNOME Desktop pre-configured with:

1. Greenstone Digital Library Software

2. Koha Integrated Library System

3. GSDL – Koha Integration

4. Sample Integration data

The CD Image (ISO) can be downloaded freely from Sourceforge at For detailed information about the features and facts you can visit

We are constantly trying to improve this CD and come up with latest version in the upcoming releases. The current version is called v0.6 is based on Ubuntu 10.4 (32 bits) and has the following versions of applications:

1. GSDL v2.83

2. KOHA v3.2.0

Announcement released on behalf of Dr. Mohan Raj Pradhan, General Secretary, DLNET-SA