Sam’s Greenstone Blog 24/3/2011

sjm84. Thursday, March 24th, 2011.

Hello Greenstone users, welcome to week 4 of my weekly blog about Greenstone development. This week I have spent most of my time working with the developers of FLAX to create an installer that will work on the most recent versions of the MacOS operating system. Those of you that use FLAX may know that it is built upon Greenstone 3 and, up until this week, the developers of the FLAX have used a modified version of the system that is used to create our Greenstone binary installers (which we internally call the release kits). I have been working with them to merge their modifications into the main release kit code so that they no longer need to keep a modified version and can simply have the release-kits enable FLAX compilation with a single switch. As part of this, several extra features were added to the Greenstone 3 compilation script, such as the ability to disable GLI and GEMS, and disabling JNI now correctly excludes the files that use it from the compilation process.

We now know enough about the Mac issues I discussed in my previous blog entry to create a version of FLAX that will (hopefully) work correctly on both the older versions and the new versions of the MacOS operating system. This is still an unsolved issue for Greenstone 3, but this is a low priority for us at the moment as the majority of our focus is on releasing Greenstone 2.84, which is currently in its final stage of testing.

See you all next week!

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