Greenstone in Southern Africa

admin. Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007.

A new pilot project to introduce Greenstone in Southern Africa has begun, with support from the Koha foundation in the US (not connected with the library software of the same name). The University of Namibia Library in Windhoek will be the sub-regional coordinating centre. A one-week training course will be held there with participation from three national centres — probably university libraries in Lesotho, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Courses will also be run at these national centres, and an international specialist will visit them to help with local Greenstone applications. Waikato and DLConsulting staff are volunteering their time to get this initiative off the ground.

3 Responses to “Greenstone in Southern Africa”

  1. Misheck Nyaluso Says:

    This news item doesnt include any contact details in case interested parties from the countries mentioned would like to get more information about the project.

    I am writing from Malawi and we are interested to participate in the Greenestone SOuthern Africa pilot survey. How can we participate in the workshops?

  2. Ian Witten Says:

    The person who is organizing the Africa project is John Rose, a Research Associate with the Greenstone Project who works out of Paris (he used to work for UNESCO). Please contact him, john.rose1 [at], to learn about the workshops and how you can participate in them.

  3. Sudha Risal Sharma Says:

    Hi greetings from Land of Buddha Lumbini Bhairahawa, Nepal

    We are using CDS/ISIS. We want to switch to greenstone but we don’t know how? Can we we get training? where?