International Conference at Kathmandu, Nepal

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International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management at Kathmandu, Nepal

HealthNet Nepal and Tribhuvan University, Central Library, Kathmandu, Nepal is organizing ICIKM-2008 from March 24-29, 2008 at Kathmandu, Nepal. The theme is “Information and Knowledge Management in a Connected World: A Challenge for the Developing Countries.” The conference will include a 3-day Greenstone workshop.

One of the major strength of the ICIKM-2008 is three days pre-conference workshop on Greenstone Digital Library, OJS (Open Journal System) and Open Conference System (OCS), and Integrated Library System–KOHA. The concerned developer of the software package i.e. Prof. Ian Witten, Mr. Alec Smecher and Mr. Chris Cormack runs these courses.

You are invited to attend and register to the Conference. We believe you and your colleagues will benefit tremendously from this conference. We encourage you and your colleagues to attend and share experiences with others in the conference.

Registration Information:
For details about the conference registration fee for all presenters and participants and other registration information, please refer to the conference website:

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