A Fedora Librarian Interface

David Bainbridge. Friday, June 20th, 2008.

The ideas encapsulated in the Greenstone Librarian Interface (GLI) are now available for people working with the Fedora Digital Repository system. Currently the software is checked into the SVN repository — we will produce binaries for this as part of the next general Greenstone release. For now, if you’re interested to try it out, follow the instructions for checking out Greenstone (works with either Greenstone 2 or 3). You will also want to install a version of Fedora.

When you check out the Greenstone Librarian Interface part of the SVN install, you also get all the necessary files for the Fedora Librarian Interface . Once you have the code compiled, where you would usually run ‘gli.sh’ (for Mac or Linux) run ‘fli.sh’. For Windows, it is fli.bat

8 Responses to “A Fedora Librarian Interface”

  1. Stephen De Gabrielle Says:

    You should put this on the fedora site.

  2. Stephen De Gabrielle Says:


  3. peace nagawa Says:

    Dear Librarian,

    we are a small research organisation here in Uganda – East Africa.
    We are in a processing of digitizing our library resources. However, we need to decide which library software to install.

    Would you kindly advise on which software to use.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. joey Says:

    Which is better Dspace or Greenstone?

  5. Luke Onwuka Says:

    Dear Greenstone Partner, It is obvious that greenstone is the best library software in the world today, I am indeed relying totally on Greenstone. You can trust greenstone for your digitization.

    Thank you. I say so.


  6. Catherine Masi Says:

    Is there some way I can be notified when you have produced the binaries for the Fedora Librarian Interface? Since it will be part of the next general Greenstone release, do you have a notification system for that? Thanks.

  7. hoa Says:

    i want to ask everybody:has Greenstone3.03 completed?
    I read:”Greenstone3 is our research version of Greenstone, and is still incomplete, and not stable”?

  8. Sivakaminathan Says:

    what is need of FLI in greenstone?
    For this purpose we need to install one more digital library software fedora-commons.
    Any special advantages of Fedora over greenstone