Results from the Greenstone User and Developer Survey

admin. Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010.

We are pleased to announce that an overview of results from the 2009 Greenstone User and Developer survey is available online at:

Through the survey, we were able to gather information from a geographically dispersed group of organizations and individuals who use Greenstone Digital Library Software. A primary component of the survey focused on how support resources are used and how current resources meet user needs.

The overview includes results from all major sections of the survey, which were the following:

  • Background information (modes of use and basic use demographics);
  • User Satisfaction;
  • Support Mechanisms and Resources;
  • Organizational Contexts;
  • Technical Environments (Version Use and OS);
  • Collections and Audiences; and
  • Developers.

We’d like to thank respondents for participating in the survey and sharing information about their Greenstone experience!

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