Release Candidate 2 of Greenstone 2.84 out

ak19. Friday, February 25th, 2011.

After a lot more testing, discovering bugs, fixing bugs and further testing, we’ve finally generated our 2nd release candidate for Greenstone 2.84. This time, there’s also a binary for the MacOS (tested on Leopard).

Most of the bugs this time round (after Release Candidate 1) had to do with dynamically linked libraries on the MacOs, getting the new document plugins from Greenstone Extensions to work when the Greenstone server is on a remote machine, Imagemagick processing JPEG2000 images on Linux machines, and fixing some issues around installing Greenstone on Windows in a path containing spaces.

Things seem to look good so far (but we’d appreciate independent confirmation of it), so if you haven’t already, do grab a copy and try it out. And tell us about your discoveries: any difficulties, bugs or other insights, so that we can make the final release of Greenstone 2.84 perfect.

Greentone 2.84 has cool new features, including the long-awaited ability to process docx and other new Office formats, as well as recent versions of PDF documents. These features are available as extensions to Greenstone, for which the details can be found in the Release Notes.

Download the Greenstone 2.84 RC2 from the Snapshots page.

The Greenstone wiki page 2.84 Release Notes has information on installation, running, where to get the new Greenstone extensions and more.

2 Responses to “Release Candidate 2 of Greenstone 2.84 out”

  1. mun Says:

    dear sir
    i would like to ask you about greenstone
    i had problem to run in when error message box said could not initialize the network.feel confused because my friend already installed and can run it smoothly
    hopefully you can help me sir

  2. Elvi Nemiz Says:

    It would be really cool if the realistic book feature of Greenstone can convert pdfs like this In the current realistic book feature of Greenstone, you have to converts pdf to html version first before you can actually use the realistic book feature. However, converted realistic book from the html version usually messes up tables and layout formats. I know this feature is not in the top priority of Greenstone but it would be nice if the pdf version can be converted directly into realistic book without using the ‘converted’ html version.