Entry for the 2 weeks from 11-22 Apr

ak19. Wednesday, April 27th, 2011.

The last two weeks we were working on getting the OAI server for Greenstone 3 to validate against the on-line official OAI validation tool. There seemed to have been some code and configuration changes since the previous time the validation had been successful. Most of the changes were straightforward, though it took a while to work out what the OAI XML element in the build- and collectionConfig.xml files ought to be to set up an old demonstration collection for OAI (newly built collections have the element included by default). The final problem preventing validation had to do with how the earliestDatestamp for the repository was worked out and what the Datestamps for each document in a collection were. After fixing all the errors we had when trying to validate the GS3 OAI server, we finally succeeded in getting it to pass all the tests.

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