Blog entry for 19 June – 1st of July

ak19. Tuesday, July 5th, 2011.

Forgot to write entries for the last two weeks

– A lot of time was devoted to ticket 449: after Dr Bainbridge’s initial solution to the problem in javascript, Sam and Veronica spent a lot of their time on it just so that we could get it to do the same in XSLT,  and so at last (yesterday, 4 July) this was finished.

– Sam and Dr Bainbridge noticed the GS2 server’s portnumber would keep incrementing at times if the chosen port was unavailable at that moment. Their ticket specified a way to request preserving the chosen port. So that was implemented some time last week.

– investigated pdf to text on Windows. Ghostscript seems to support ASCII conversion, but Greenstone would need unicode to be preserved. There were Perl solutions as well as open source programs to do this on Windows. For now, PDFBox has been tweaked to use its inbuilt ability to convert PDF to text when this is specified. Also looked into the latest version of AbiWord which Max pointed out as a free and small-sized alternative to MS Office and Open Office for converting docX files.

– the latest updates to acku and areu collections were uploaded

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