Anu’s entry for 25-29 July

ak19. Monday, August 1st, 2011.

Last week started off with requiring fixes to a bug introduced during recent GS3 code changes: suddenly metadata and titles were no longer being retrieved for normal search and browse operations. Then Sam’s recent improvement to GS3’s GLI by starting the tomcat server upon GLI startup was expanded to also stop the tomcat server on GLI’s exit.

Then it was time to move back to GS3 XSLT files once more. Recently, changes were made to GS3’s old standard skin (gs3library) XSLT files, so that the features exhibited in the DSpace Tutorial would work for GS3 as well. These changes needed to still be ported over to the new standard skin for GS3, currently called “oran” (its servlet is called “dev”). However, in trying to make sense of how to do this, it was discovered that the default dev servlet was not set to use Sam’s excellent default GS3 interface for dev. Because GS3’s format features need to be customisable, having any format statements in a collection’s configuration file would bypass Sam’s interface to show up a default one. However, this default one was not working at this stage. This was therefore fixed up to get back some rudimentary behaviour not unlike what GS2’s interface offers for hierarchical browsing and search results. To use Sam’s interface, all users would need to do is use GLI to delete any format statements in a collection’s config file.

In looking into this matter, a further minor bug was discovered in classifier.xsl that was also fixed.

Porting the GS3 changes made for DSpace tutorial into the new default skin later had to be continued later, since there was some incomplete work awaiting finishing: the week ended with continuing work to do with working with embedded metadata (such as of the form ex.dc.*).

One Response to “Anu’s entry for 25-29 July”

  1. D Ramavath Says:

    Dear Sir
    my laptop is I3 processor, 64 bit, Win 7
    earlier i was installed greenstone 2.81 & 2.84
    was worked successfully

    from last week creating problem for building collection like
    When i Create /build collection—-
    – the file art1.pdf or word file are
    Import started (recognized
    but could not be processed by any plugin)
    Import finished (document
    was considered for processing, 1 was rejected )
    why it is happening

    may pl help

    D Ramavath, Sc C
    DRDO, India