Sam’s Greenstone Blog 4/11/2011

admin. Friday, November 4th, 2011.

My work on the Document Structure Editor is on the back-burner at the moment (although still progressing well) as I have been designing a prototype collection that integrates a map-view into the various parts of Greenstone, to display the spacial information present in the collection. At this point I am modifying the Tipple Paradise Garden collection, which is a test collection created by the developers of Tipple (Tourist Information Provider Digital Library). It is particularly useful as each document in the collection has a latitude and longitude value associated with it.

So, using the Google Maps API I have inserted a map into the browsing, searching and document pages. The map contains markers, marking the locations of the documents contained on that page and the markers can be clicked on to take you to the corresponding document. A information bubble moves from marker to marker displaying the names of each document (this is to avoid having all the names displayed at once, potentially creating a lot of clutter on the map). Next to the usual document links is another link that can be used to focus a single document on the map (centring it).

Next week I’ll be back to my Document Structure Editor work, where I will be trying to figure out why the Seamless Web Editor Javascript isn’t behaving as expected. Assuming I get it working I will be able to add text editing to the interface.

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