Sam’s Greenstone Blog 11/11/2011

admin. Friday, November 11th, 2011.

This week I have been working on a different area of Greenstone 3 for a change. We noticed that one area that was lacking in Greenstone 3 was the ability to display paged-image collections. For those of you who are not aware, a paged-image collection is a collection of (usually) scanned documents that consist of both the original images and the OCRed text. A good example collection in Greenstone 2 is the Māori Niupepa Collection. At the moment there seems to be multiple issues preventing a collections like this from working correctly in Greenstone 3. As usual we will also be taking this opportunity explore any upgrades for these features as we implement them for Greenstone 3. One particular area that we discussed was around the way that the document could be navigated, we intend to make it easier to scroll through pages. But I’ll go into more detail once I start implementing it and have a better idea of what works well.

I have also fixed more minor bugs in the Document Editor and have also added the ability to modify the text of documents. The next feature in development is the ability to add/remove/modify metadata. We still need to decide on what is the best way to approach this issue as it has the potential to be quite complicated, but once we decide on that it should not take very long to implement and I have already done a lot of the client-side work for it.

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