Sam’s Greenstone Blog 18/5/2012

admin. Friday, May 18th, 2012.

This week I have been testing and have fixed several minor bugs in Greenstone 3. I have also started working on a new feature (to be included in 3.06 most likely), which will theoretically allow much more advanced collection editing than what we’ve ever had before. At the moment a single page in a collection can be made up of many different files and if you want to edit something then you have to know which file it came from. For example, the basic file used for a document view is document.xsl (stored in the interfaces directory), but if someone wants to modify part of it then they could add their own template to their collectionConfig.xml file or they could create their own interface file and put it into the transform directory of their collection. This new feature will keep track of what file each change has come from and (probably) allow you to edit the file via your web browser.

While I am working on this feature Anu will be taking over testing for the release.

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