Greenstone updates

ak19. Friday, May 9th, 2014.

It’s been a very long period since we blogged our progress. Rest assured we’ve been working hard to improve Greenstone 2 and 3, and it’s only the blogging about it that fell by the wayside. Here’s some of the things that I’ve been working on in the last few months:

  • Securing Greenstone 2 pages: this involved significant changes to both the code and the macros files
  • Updating the GTI Greenstone installation. Owing to the security changes for Greenstone 2, the Greenstone Translation Interface on nzdl needed to have the latest Greenstone2 to work again
  • Fixing up a Remote Greenstone 3 authentication issue
  • The FormatConversion wizard dialog. This completes the process of opening a Greenstone 2 collection in Greenstone 3. The format conversion dialog automatically generates Greenstone 3 equivalents for Greenstone 2 format statements behind-the-scenes, before presenting these to you. You can then interact with the wizard to improve any of the Greenstone 3 format statements that have been generated.

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