Anu’s entry for Apr 11 - Apr 20

ak19. Friday, April 20th, 2012.
  • <gslib:langfrag> was to replace a whole lot of XSLT statements instantiating a javascript array in header.xsl. It took a bit of messing about, but util.xsl now calls a new Java method to generate the Javascript array declaration and initiation, and this called from document.xsl and documentbasket.xsl (instead of header.xsl) using the new <gslib:langfrag> element.
  • The gs2-library servlet was not working. After a lot of debugging, there were several fixes required. One was for the main servlet page, one for a collection page, one for viewing a browsing classifier. The major bug was in the way stylesheets were merged in This has now been improved.
  • During the above, the lack of clear error messages on where things were going wrong pointed to another problem: insufficient debugging information when XSLT transformations go wrong. XMLTransformer’s TransformErrorListener has now been improved (and TransformingReceptionist updated) to do better error reporting when transformations of in-memory DOM objects fail.
  • Revisited recent unsatisfactory changes to the ant force-stop-tomcat target, since an ant restart did not always properly stop and start tomcat. Now the process has been improved by making the stop-tomcat target do a socket test in a wait loop to ensure that tomcat is properly stopped before proceeding. Subsequent calls to ant start therefore can only happen after this, even if tomcat commands are chained such as happens during “ant restart” or “ant stop start”.
  • Running on Ubuntu wasn’t launching the browser. This was the old problem already seen in GS2 of the script setting up env vars for wvware which then conflicted with the native libraries used by Linux for running graphics applications. The problem was already solved for GS2 by the introduction of the script which would set up the environment for wvware, and all that was required to get things to work for GS3 was to stop setting the env for wvware in (and giving executable permissions to the wvware binary included in the Greenstone3 binary).
  • A new target ant clean-logs has been added, which deletes catalina.out and greenstone.log and can help speed up the debugging cycle.
  • Currently, am looking at a “debuginfo” button that will appear next to the login button and which display a page with the various options for o= that can be appended to the URL when debugging the XSL transformation process, as well as other URL suffixes.
  • Once that’s done, I will return to testing the Greenstone 3 binary and start with attempting to perform the Greenstone 2 tutorials with GS3.

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