Sam’s Greenstone Blog 7/3/2011

sjm84. Monday, March 7th, 2011.

Ok, so one of the things us Greenstone developers are going to try to do from now on is blog each week about what we’ve achieved that week. Ideally we’ll try to do it on Fridays, before we leave for the weekend (so this entry is a few days late).

This week I have been working hard on the development of the new default skin for Greenstone 3 - codenamed the ‘Oran’ skin. For those of you who don’t know, Oran worked here before me and I effectively took his place when he moved on to a new job. One of the things that he had been working on was this new and fresh-looking skin for Greenstone 3, and this week I have been working hard to get it ready for the Greenstone 3.05 release which will happen later in the year.

One new feature that is worth mentioning is the addition of a quick search area that is permanently in the header of the page (assuming the collection has basic query capabilities). So regardless if you’re browsing or reading a document, a basic search field is always available.

I have also been working on fixing the Berry Basket feature that was added into Greenstone 3 a while ago but had stopped working due to other changes that had been made. Having fixed the main problem (a small javascript issue) I then discovered that it did not work correctly in Internet Explorer. So this week I will be focusing on that and other Greenstone 3 user interface related issues.

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