Sam’s Greenstone Blog 8/8/2011

sjm84. Monday, August 8th, 2011.

Since my last post I have been working hard on the new Document Maker functionality that is planned for a future version of Greenstone. So far I have implemented the ability to create new documents, create new document sections, delete documents, delete document sections, copy documents, turn a document into a section of another document, turn a section of a document into a document and the ability to copy a section from one document into another document. Also planned is the ability to move documents and sections (basically the same as the copying operations except the original document or section is deleted afterwards); the ability to merge sections together or to split them apart; various document manipulations such as the ability to get and set metadata and the ability to get and set the document content.

The plan is that this Document Maker functionality will be presented to the users via a web interface, allowing users to modify their documents on the fly. We imagine that this functionality will be very useful to people who want to be able to create organised collections out of large, unorganised sets of text and images. One such example of this is the Pei Jones collection which is made up of many individual letters, photos and articles that have been OCRed.

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  1. sun Says:

    i want to use this software in china library . bue it not chinese . please give me some help.

  2. Ayman Says:

    Dear Greenstone developer,

    I want to know the programing language that Greenstone built on??


    Ayman Eldakroury
    American University in Cairo, Egypt

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