Greenstone 2.81 released

David Bainbridge. Thursday, November 13th, 2008.

We are pleased to announce that the Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X and Source distributions of Greenstone v2.81 are now available for download from:

The main focus has been on multilingual support. Improvements include handling filenames that include non-ASCII characters, accent folding switched on by default for Lucene, and character based segmentation for CJK languages.

This release also features our new installer, which is 100% open source. Previously we had relied on a commercial program for this, which incurred a significant cost in keeping up to date; consequently we decided to develop our own installer, based on the excellent open source installer toolkits already available.

There are many other significant additions in this release, such as the Fedora Librarian Interface (analogous to GLI, but working with a Fedora repository). See the release notes for the complete details. Specific issues fixed in the 2.81 release can be viewed in Greenstone Trac here and here.

This has been a long time coming, thank you for your patience.

As always, please report any problems or bugs to the mailing list.


Thanks to:

John Rose, for help with English GLI help, French translations for GLI and Greenstone.
Maxime Rouast for Greenstone French translations
Celine Guimbertaud for GLI French translations
Yohannes Mulugeta and Abiyot Bayou for Greenstone Amharic translations
Kamal Salih for GLI Arabic translations
Gerhard Riesthuis for Greenstone Dutch translations
Mohan Raj Pradhan for GLI Nepali translations.
Diego Spano for translating the installer’s interface into Spanish.
Xiaofeng Yu for translating the installer’s interface into Mandarin.
Doris Jung for translating the installer’s interface into German.

5 Responses to “Greenstone 2.81 released”

  1. Africa J Bwamkuu Says:

    THis is great news

    We are promoting Digital libraries in Tanzania and East Africa, quite happy with this new development.

    WE will also like swahili which spoken by over 100 million people inmany countries in Africa be integrated in such a useful tool. WE will be happy to be helpful into releasing this.


  2. Leo Riesthuis Says:


    I have tried to build our WIN/ISIS project with release 2.81. Unfortunaly it would not explode my data. System complained about a problem with a XML file. It, however, worked after turning on the -Debug option.


    Leo Riesthuis

  3. Mina Says:

    In fact Green stone Library Software is very good software. But it would be better if nepali keywords can easily accept.

  4. Mina Dallakoti Says:

    Green Stone Library Software is very User friendly software. It is very essential for digital libraries. I want to explode data from Winisis to GLI but in 2.81 version I Could not find explode metadata source. If any one knows I would like to request to send my mail.

  5. Mina Says:

    Leo Riesthuis ji If U like to explode data from winisis to GLI please U can use 2.80 verstion but in 2.81 I couldn’t find. If You find plz forward me