Greenstone 2.84 released!

ak19. Friday, April 1st, 2011.

After last week’s bug discovery got fixed at the start of this week (there were issues with HTML files that had non-English filenames interlinking on a Mac OS), we went back to testing the Greenstone binaries on Windows, Linux and Mac. Finally, after uploading all the files onto SourceForge and adjusting the pages there as well as updating’s own download page, we succeeded in releasing Greenstone 2.84 today!

To grab the Greenstone 2.84 binary for your operating system, visit the download page at This page also has the source distributions available in zip and tar.gz formats. Otherwise, you can always expand your binary installation with source code by grabbing the “source-component” archive files from the same download page.

The Greenstone 2.84 Release Notes contain installation instructions as well as details on how to use the latest Greenstone extensions like the PDFBox extension (for later versions of PDF) and OpenOfficeConverter (which can handle the latest Office docx format).

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