Sam’s Greenstone Blog 11/4/2011

admin. Monday, April 11th, 2011.

Hi all, welcome to another Greenstone development blog entry. Last week we finished up our work helping the FLAX team create a binary installer for FLAX that would work for any version of the Mac operating system. We also mapped out what needed to be done before we can release Greenstone 3.05 and we have started working on that. So far we’ve made decent progress and things are looking good for a release in the near future.

One of the big things that I am working on at the moment is adding extra features to the “oran” skin, which is likely to become the new default skin for Greenstone 3. In particular I have been working on various features that are present in Greenstone 2 but not available in this development skin yet, such as search term highlighting and search term frequency.

So that is what we will be continuing to work on this week.

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